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What came first – the paramilitaries or the polluted politics?

My new book UVF: Behind the Mask has drawn considerable media attention since its publication two weeks ago. Much of this is to be expected given that I have gained unprecedented access to the UVF in a way that presents … Continue reading

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A Tribute to David Ervine

Ten years on from his passing, as we mourn one of the greatest losses to political unionism, there is much to celebrate in David Ervine’s political legacy. Continue reading

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The Progressive Unionist Dilemma

I studied Irish Politics as a postgraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast between 2001 and 2006, becoming friendly with a range of unionist and nationalist political representatives who were also studying there at the time. At that stage the unionist … Continue reading

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Billy Mitchell and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland

The process of conflict transformation has become central to the successful termination of armed conflicts and the rebuilding of relationships between warring factions lost in the ‘fog of war’. I learned this first-hand from the senior PUP strategist Billy Mitchell, … Continue reading

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