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What came first – the paramilitaries or the polluted politics?

My new book UVF: Behind the Mask has drawn considerable media attention since its publication two weeks ago. Much of this is to be expected given that I have gained unprecedented access to the UVF in a way that presents … Continue reading

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A Personal Reflection on David Ervine

Like many other people who were fortunate enough to meet him, I have several abiding memories of the late David Ervine. My first encounter with him was in early May 2001 in the PUP’s old offices on the Newtownards Road … Continue reading

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A Tribute to David Ervine

Ten years on from his passing, as we mourn one of the greatest losses to political unionism, there is much to celebrate in David Ervine’s political legacy. Continue reading

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We all have role to play if loyalist leopard is to truly change its spots

This article first appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 16th October 2015 This week’s announcement that loyalist paramilitaries are to move away from criminality and violence should be welcomed, writes Aaron Edwards  The announcement this week that paramilitaries from the … Continue reading

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Democratising the Mindsets: Loyalists and Conflict Transformation

This article first appeared in The Other View magazine when Billy Mitchell and Tommy McKearney were still joint editors in the first iteration of the project. Shortly before Billy’s death in July 2006 the project was earmarked for continuation funding … Continue reading

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The Progressive Unionist Dilemma

I studied Irish Politics as a postgraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast between 2001 and 2006, becoming friendly with a range of unionist and nationalist political representatives who were also studying there at the time. At that stage the unionist … Continue reading

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Establishing trust is necessary to move beyond violence

This article was originally published on EamonnMallie.com on 16 January 2013. By Aaron Edwards That loyalists continue to protest at the decision to remove the Union flag from Belfast City Hall is unfortunate, but not surprising. At risk of sounding … Continue reading

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The unfinished business of the ‘peace process’

In September 2014 I gave a talk on the topic of ‘progressive loyalism and conflict transformation’ at at a University of Ulster symposium on culture and identity in ‘post-conflict’ Northern Ireland. I made the case that there hadn’t been an … Continue reading

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Rev. John Stewart, the NILP and the UVF

The onset of loyalist paramilitary violence from the late 1960s was not something that progressed naturally from within the Protestant working class community. Arguably, this community was no more predisposed to militancy than any other and, in fact, the purported … Continue reading

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Review of Tony Novosel’s book on Ulster Loyalism

Here’s my review of Tony Novosel’s excellent Northern Ireland’s Lost Opportunity: The Frustrated Promise of Political Loyalism, which was published by Pluto Press in 2013. The review originally appeared in Political Studies Review in September 2014: “‘Northern Ireland’s Lost Opportunity’ … Continue reading

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